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Optimize your bookings with greater flexibility and lower rates

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Photo of a young man customer of spotbooker
Photo of a young man customer of spotbooker
Photo of a young man customer of spotbooker
Photo of a young man customer of spotbooker

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Skedda Alternative - SpotBooker multi-format meeting room reservation tool

Why SpotBooker is the best Skedda alternative ?

Simplify space management

SpotBooker enhances your space management through intuitive features, offering effortless spot & user management. It’s tailored to adapt to your operational needs, simplifying your tasks and allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Transparent pricing

SpotBooker stands out for its competitive pricing structure, offering services at just $2/spot with no user limit for the corporate plan. We’re committed to offering an affordable solution, to ensure the best management of your spaces at the best price.

Intuitive user interface

Designed for a better user experience, SpotBooker offers a clean, easy-to-use interface. Whether for resource managers or end users, our platform simplifies the booking process, making space management more efficient and less time-consuming.


Discover SpotBooker’s advantageous pricing, the best skedda alternative







SpotBooker Advanced Resource Management

A complete solution for optimised supervision and allocation of your resources

Dynamic Access Management

Regulate exactly who can use your facilities. Thanks to a flexible approval system, you have the power to automatically accept or reject booking requests, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and fairly.

Simplified confirmation process

Simplify the booking process with a direct confirmation system. Users receive automatic notifications, ensuring smooth communication and reducing waiting times for approval or rejection of bookings.

Real-time monitoring

Maintain a panoramic view of workspace utilisation. Our platform provides you with instant insights into resource occupancy, enabling you to proactively manage space to meet ever-changing needs.

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Empowering your staff, whatever their level of technological proficiency.

What if you never had to worry about the logistics of space management again? Create an enjoyable experience for your whole team with SpotBooker.

Checkin / checkout

Optimise the use of spots with automatic cancellation of unconfirmed ones, avoiding vacancies and detailed tracking of recordings.

Public booking

Increase the visibility of your spots by sharing targeted selections, increasing the flexibility and reach of your service.

Booking reminder

Send automatic reminders to users before they book. Reduce absences and ensure maximum use of your spots.

Custom categories

Organise your spots by categories such as meeting rooms, car parks, company cars, and customise the information for each category.

Book by QRCode

Offer a QR code for direct access to your booking pages. Simplify the process for users while increasing your booking rate.

Spot finder

Help your users find the ideal spot for their needs. Optimise customer satisfaction while maximising the use of your resources.

Approval process

Decide whether a booking should be approved manually or validated automatically. Tailor these settings to each spot to ensure personalised management.

Interactive map

Customised maps that faithfully represent your bookable spaces and your floor plan. Enable direct reservations and easy viewing of space availability in real time.

What our users say.

Discover how SpotBooker is revolutionizing booking for our users.

Agency logo ana

Since we started using SpotBooker, booking rooms has become child’s play. The tool is fluid and intuitive. A real time-saver for our team!

Photo of a young woman customer of spotbooker

Elise B.

Project Manager

noota startup logo

SpotBooker has helped us optimize the management of our meeting rooms. The team’s feedback has been extremely positive. Top-notch service!

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Alexandre D.


UGO company logo

SpotBooker fits perfectly into our daily lives. The features, including QR code sharing, are really practical. I highly recommend it.

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Sophie L.

Team Manager

e-fusion start-up logo

The customization of the platform to our corporate image is a real plus. Our employees adopted SpotBooker very quickly.

Photo of a young man customer of spotbooker

Ernest B.

Team Manager

Forget the hassle, embrace efficiency.

Say goodbye to booking errors. With SpotBooker, every room, every hour, is optimized for your business.

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